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Steel on granite: powerful, accurate, unforgiving, demanding and graceful. Mixed climbing is the most medieval form of climbing. You can access the most spectacular drips of frozen water in the most unique locations. Learning to use your tools and crampons on rock is where art meets physics.

Mixed climbing is a skill that is essential for all alpine climbing, but it starts in the valleys. Get medieval with me on the crags of New England and the Canadian Rockies.

Intro to Mixed Climbing:

If you have been ice climbing for a while and would like to try something new or if you just want to check out what all the rage is, then this course is for you. Mixed climbing is a blend of rock climbing, ice climbing and a little insanity. You will learn how to use your tools and crampons in ways you would have never imagined and climb some crazy routes.

We will climb at areas like Troll Ville M4-M8, Jackson Ice Mill M3-M6, The Flume M4-M6, Frankenstein M3-M6, on Cathedral Ledge Standard Route M4, The Big Flush M4 WI4, The Corner M6.

Private courses are available as well as group courses.

Intermediate Mixed Climbing:

If you have scratched around a little but you can’t quite figure out how to get your project or you would like to try a longer mixed route on Cannon Cliff here is your opportunity. Intermediate mixed climbing will refine your techniques and address training specific to achieving your goals.

We will visit areas such as the Hanging Gardens M4-M8, Troll Ville M4-M8, at Cannon Cliff Lila M6 WI4, Wiessner’s Buttress M4.

Private courses are available as well as 2:1 ratios.

Advanced Mixed Climbing:

If you want to put all your skills together and push your limits, here is your chance. Leading techniques can be covered or just hard climbing can be done. Advanced Mixed climbing is designed to take experienced winter climbers beyond their own comfort zone and enter a new level of intensity.

You will test yourself on scare fests like Five Musketeers M6 WI5, The Mean Streak M7, Pipe Dreams M7 WI5+, Sam’s Swan Song M6, Quartet Ice Hose M6 WI4, and any sub formed route that begs to be climbed.

Private climbs or 2:1 ratios only.