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Long before sunrise my muscles are warmed up and my head is clear. My headlamp illuminates the world in front of me and the stars remind me of our place in the universe. I test rock holds for security and place my feet accurately — I ascend through the darkness to sunrise on a summit. There is only one reason to climb through the night to reach a remote peak: desire. If you don’t want it, it won’t happen. Alpine climbing is the most demanding climbing discipline. It requires the highest level of proficiency, blending all the climbing disciplines: rock, snow and ice. But the rewards are also the greatest. Mahoney Alpine Adventures would love to facilitate your apprenticeship in the mountains.

  • The White Mountains, NH
  • Smuggler's Notch, VT
  • The Alaska Range, AK
  • Chamonix France
  • Ecuador Volcanos

Have another destination in mind? Mahoney Alpine Adventures is ready to help you meet your climbing goals. Contact MAA for customized alpine climbing trip information.

The White Mountains, NH and Green Mountains, VT

Intro to Mountaineering:

If you have always looked at the distant snowy peaks and wanted to be on top of them, then here is the course for you to get started. You will learn how to take care of yourself in the winter, camp out, travel over snow and ice, how to use an ice axe for self-arrest and climbing, how to use crampons, and how to incorporate a rope for your safety. This course is typically three days long and takes place in Crawford Notch State Park and on Mt Washington. The first day is spent teaching fundamental skills and then practicing what you’ve learned on a moderate climb. The second and third days are spent winter camping on Mt. Washington. We’ll climb one of the gullies in Huntington’s Ravine and if the weather allows complete a winter ascent of Mt Washington.

Private courses are available as well as 3:1 ratios.

Advanced Mountaineering Course:

If you have taken the Intro to Mountaineering course or have been mountaineering on your own and want to bump your experience up to a new level then consider the Advanced Mountaineering course. This course will teach you the skills necessary for undertaking bigger routes in the mountains. You will learn bivy shelter construction such as snow caves and ledge bivy techniques and work on climbing efficiency to move more quickly through the mountains. The White Mountains are the perfect training ground for bigger alpine routes.

Private courses are available as well as 2:1 ratios.


Denali may be the centerpiece of the Alaska Range but it is surrounded by a lifetime of mixed alpine summits that offer some of the best climbing of that genre in the world. Mt. Hunter, Mt. Huntington, The Mooses Tooth, and Little Switzerland are just a few classics on any alpine climbers list.

Mahoney Alpine Adventures can customize a trip into the Alaska Range to suit any experience level. Spring offers the best conditions in Alaska. It is recommended to allow a minimum of 2 weeks per expedition.


Climb the volcanos of Chimborazo 6310m  (20,702 ft), Cotopoxi 5897m (19,347 ft), Iliniza Norte 5100m (16,320 ft), Cayambe 5936m (18,996 ft).  Stay in Refugios and have rest days in the laid back town of Banos or see the Indian market in Otavalo.  Climbing in Ecuador is a great way to gain experience at altitude and to experience the unique culture of one of South America’s great mountain countries.

Please contact for MAA for more information and pricing.

The Alps:

Is the Birth Place of mountaineering and has more easily accessible iconic peaks than anywhere in the world. Mt Blanc 4,808M (15,386ft) is the largest and offers walks up routes to the summit or cutting edge alpine climbs. The Materhorn 4,478M (14,692ft) is the quintessential mountain with its text book Horn shape and rich history makes compelling to any one who has seen it. Aiguille du Dru 3,754M (12,316ft) is the alpine rock climbers mecca. The Grand Jorasses 4,208M (13,806) is a test piece mountain for all types of climbers; corniced ridge walking, huge mixed routes, monster rock climbs, endless ice routes, glacier climbs. With no easy way up or down it is a major tick. The Eiger 3,970M (13,025ft) is one of the more storied peaks in the Alps.

These are purely the most sought after peaks but are just a drop in the barrel…